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Thursday, 7 February 2013

Dolly Distractions

Everyday, my quilt gets a little closer to its finishing line, and in between stitching sessions, I've found time to make another Frizzy Lizzie. That makes three in total, and since three is the perfect number for a girl group–The Supremes, The Beverly Sisters, Bananarama, and not forgetting The Three Degrees–I think I'll leave the Frizzies alone for a while. Although I couldn't resist making this little lady; like her frizzy-haired cousins, her hair is a mess, she also has the spindliest arms and legs, so I've called her Nelly Knotty Knees.

Sadly, I think the dolls are becoming something of distraction–a way for me to procrastinate, so it's time to put them away and get on with that quilt!


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