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Friday, 22 March 2013

Chuffed to bits!

I've just received the April edition of Knitting Magazine, and am thrilled that one of my Wabbitys has made it on to the cover. Okay–so Wabbity is positioned right where you place your thumb, and you need a telescope to see him, but he's there nevertheless!

Inside, are a few more Wabbitys as well as the pattern for Hutch (he's the cover boy). For those who hate sewing up, this is the ideal pattern as it's knitted entirely in the round, and doesn't require a stitch from the very first cast on to the very last cast off for the body and ears. Even the accessories require minimal sewing!

You'll see that Hutch's Wabbity friends differ in shape/height/width (don't we all?), but once you have mastered the basic Wabbity pattern it's a cinch to scale up/down/out/in to your heart's desire. The same can be done with the jumper or apron and both are ideal for trying out new techniques. I don't know about you, but I hate accumulating piles of test swatches so always try to find a way to include them in a finished project instead of letting them gather dust at the bottom of my knitting bag.



  1. Oh how exciting ... congratulations ... and thanks for your lovely comment earlier ... Bee xx

  2. Congrats on the bunnies getting famous. Hope to see more of your makes in print.

  3. Congratulations and very cute wabbities :)


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