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Monday, 10 June 2013

My little dumpling bag.

Less of a rigid gaming purse, more of a floppy sack, but I'm fond of it nevertheless and intend to use it for carrying sewing supplies when I'm on the go. More of these are on the cards, perhaps as gift bags filled with goodies. Or, maybe next time, I'll adapt my pattern and turn it into a shifuku (a bag for carrying tea caddies) which I have Queenie to thank for bringing to my attention. I might even make an azuma bag, as this would give a greater surface area for trying out more shashiko.

You see, I am, and always have been, something of a bag lady. While other women obsess over shoes, my passion is for handbags – and leather gloves, (is there anything more chic than a beautiful bag and glove combo?). Whatever I choose to make, one thing is for sure, it will feature more of these little flowers – they're so simple and sweet to make.



  1. It's really beautiful, and I love that the base is decorative - like a beautiful lining in a jacket, which always seems such a nice indulgence!

  2. This bag is very beautiful in itself but when you look at the bottom you get a pleasant surprise, just like Catherine said.
    An Azuma bag will give you more room to show off your sashiko skill, so please have a go.
    Also why don't you give us a tutorial for the neat flowers that decorate the draw string.
    Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks Queenie (is it okay to call you that, or is it your blog's name?). Funnily enough, someone else has asked for the pattern, so I feel an entire bag tutorial coming on–complete with flowers!


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