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Monday, 15 July 2013

Crafty magazine

Oh look, it's one of my penny mats, this time making an appearance in issue 5 of Crafty magazine.

I made this one especially for them, using recycled Winter woolies that had shrunk in the wash. I seem to have a lot of things that shrink in the wash, which doesn't say much for my skills as a domestic goddess. My most annoying laundry accident has to be a beautiful pair of cashmere trousers that ended up being the backing for this mat. Before the fatal wash, I would lounge about in them, feeling utterly sophisticated and glamorous as they reminded me of something Lauren Bacall or Katherine Hepburn might have worn – long, fluid and totally elegant. However, one overly hot wash and abusive spin cycle later, and images of the Artful Dodger came to mind as the hems flapped around my calves.

Although I love (intentionally) making felt, it was fun to make a penny mat with ready made felt as it left more time for the embroidery. For this mat I wanted the embroidery to suggest barnacle covered pebbles found at the beach as the colours of the felt reminded me of stones.

I'm over the moon, to be included in Crafty, after all it's a seriously cool magazine, and best of all, my penny mats get another outing. If you haven't yet seen Crafty, it's worth checking out: not only does it feel fresh and modern, and includes great photography, but it's about crafting with a conscience and recycling as much as possible. Issue 5 will be on sale on Thursday 18th July!



  1. Wow! How exciting and well deserved too! Did you consider cropped cashmere pants? Tho' it's a bit late now!

    1. Cropped pants would have been fine, if I could still have breathed in them, unfortunately, they shrank both ways!

  2. Great way to hide a laundry disaster, the penny mat is fabulous and does really have a look of sea washed pebble and barnacles about it..........congratulations, how wonderful to be included in 'crafty'.

  3. Congratulations - so exciting! Glad it's not just me that felts my good clothes. The two latest wooly disasters did magically also shrink to fit my children though. Your disaster had more beautiful results:-)

  4. Congratulations on being featured in the magazine. So exciting! I love your penny mats they are so pretty.


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