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Friday, 2 August 2013

Say cheese.

I bought a new camera! After months of deliberating, agitating and cogitating, I finally took the plunge, dusted the cobwebs of my purse, and did it. It's not that I mind spending money per se (in fact it's one of my favourite hobbies), I just hate spending it on gadgets, and what I regard as 'boy's toys'. Spending money on shoes and handbags is much more my kind of thing, so it took a lot of will power to head for the geek's floor of John Lewis, instead of fashion and accessories.

But look at that gorgeous shallow depth of field, the detail, and how rich the colours are, they make my old camera look ever so ordinary. The fact that I got a free bag with my camera (okay, so it's not a Mulberry, but black nylon isn't totally without charm–I can always pretend it's a Prada) makes my new purchase even more exciting.

And talking of colours, these are something of a departure for me; usually, I stick to more muted tones, or blues, or whites (all very serious, and conservative). However, I've been asked to make a couple of quilts for a friend, who's writing a book about colour palettes for quilters, so all of these fabrics are her choice. It's actually rather liberating working to somebody else's design, with colours and patterns that I wouldn't usually choose. In fact the cheerful nature of all the sunny yellows, tropical prints and bright, bold, colours, has rubbed off on me. Or it could be that my current, happy disposition is down to the wonderful weather we're having, or quite possibly, my lovely new camera – a panasonic lumix, with a leica lens, in case you're interested.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I am amazed at what you say about your old camera. You have ALWAYS published fantastic photos! So now we can expect even better ones?! Great.
    Looking forward to your quilts as well.

    1. Thanks, that's really nice of you to say! One thing I've noticed about blogging though is that it forces me to think about how I photograph objects, which has probably made me more critical of my photographs than I used to be.


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