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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

WIP Wednesday…

It's Wednesday, so I'm linking up with Sharon at Pintangle to show some progress on my white quilt. If you haven't already seen Sharon's blog, do take a look, her latest quilt block is a stunner!

After laying out the bits and pieces I've done so far, I decided it was all looking a bit fragmented and that I was in danger of losing the overall scheme. So, for now I'm concentrating on the patchwork which will make up around 3/4 of the quilt. The remainder will be a panel of EPP hexagons (see below), and another of  individual blocks, each with a different theme.

I've also been doodling on stones again, first felting over them, then embroidering and adding beads to them. Felting and embroidering on stones has become my favourite form of procrastination, which I seem to do it whenever, I run into dead ends on other projects. I picked this stone up in Whitstable, along with a piece of tumbled glass, which I prefer to think of as a beach emerald rather than a broken beer bottle. When finished, I suspect this one is going to look a bit like a big green carbuncle!

What have you been up to?



  1. Great work. I love your carbuncle, and the expression beach emerald. How much felt do you put on the stone before you start stitching?

  2. What an interesting quilt this will be. I love the hexagon panel and will look forward to seeing how it fits in with the rest.

  3. I have been EPP hexagons: it is driving me a bit batty.

  4. Such a nice strip of hexagons, pretty soft colours. And I like what you're doing with the stones, it reminds me of my pebbles.


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