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Thursday, 12 May 2016

Jack in the Green

Each May Day, residents of Hastings celebrate the start of Spring by decorating their homes, shops and public places with branches of leaves, ribbons, and flowers. May queens, Morris dancers, bogies and others parade through the streets, dancing, drumming and singing, and generally making as much noise and revelry humanly possible. It's one of those rare times in Hastings when the seagulls are drowned out by the sound of people! The festival culminates in the 'slaying' of Jack (a man-mountain of leaves) in order to release the spirit of Spring. A bizarre and bawdy affair that usually turns into a bacchanalian riot of drinking and feasting, the Jack in the Green festival is a lively reminder of England's pagan past.

This pub looked quiet from the outside, inside it was marvellous mayhem, with standing room only! They sell proper crisps too, not those thick ones that resemble flavoured shrapnel.

Many deck themselves out head to foot in green, but generally the dress code (such as it is) is a cross between Steampunk, Goth and pirate.

No doubt, many of these costumes will be seen again come Hastings annual Pirate day, which takes place in July, and is another opportunity for a good time.

Who can resist a whirly pop? Not Patrick, he's like the proverbial kid in a sweetshop whenever we're in Hastings.


PS: I'm back sewing for the book again, hopefully I'll be able to sew something I can share soon.


  1. Will it be a COSTUME???!!!
    The festivities seem great fun, and haven't you been blessed with glorious weather?


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