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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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I've been too quiet here recently, but I've been busy elsewhere. The lovely people at Sewing World magazine asked me to write a series of articles for them, the first of which appeared in their September issue, with 5 more to follow.

September issue

The series is all about encouraging slow, creative sewing and covers subjects ranging from using recycled fabrics, telling stories with stitch, to learning about composition and colour to making the most of simple stitches. The articles have enabled me to have fun with trapunto, mola, pojagi and boro style sewing but I'm saving my current favourite technique of needle lace for last.

October issue

I was flattered to be asked to contribute as I genuinely rate the magazine highly. There are the usual crafty makes and practical tips of course, but what really sets Sewing World apart from other magazines is that it is so far-reaching. It looks at sewing and textiles in general, both from a trend-led point of view and the history of the subject, and every month includes a full-size pattern for a garment – this alone makes it fabulous value for money!


PS: With one article left to submit, the Knit & Stitch show over, and work generally calming down, I should soon be able to get back to my own slow stitching and blogging about it too.

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  1. Congratulations!
    Sewing World is far-reaching you say. So obviously they asked YOU to contribute. You are one of the most far-reaching stitchers I know in the blogging world. This can clearly be seen on your blog, on the K&S show workshop list, and of course in your excellent book which covers so many styles and approaches to stitch, fabric and thread.
    I also admire you for breathing new life into traditional styles with recycled fabric, unusual material and 'opposite' methods (e.g. 'dying' with bleach).
    You are such a source of information, too, with the history, background and stories you can tell about each technique or style.


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