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Friday, 12 January 2018

Christmas sewing…

A belated Happy New Year!

Christmas was the perfect time for sewing. No work, just afternoons spent on the sofa with one eye on the T.V, the other on the above sample.

The background is a piece of sacking, onto which I've added needle lace and needle weaving. If there is such a thing as a self-cannibalising piece of fabric, then this is it, as some of the stitching has been worked with threads that came loose from the cut edge. I think they add an interesting blind-embossed/relief effect to the sample, so I'll add a few more bits like this.

Distressed silk was added to the sacking,
needle lace appliqué on top of that.
I should have put more thought into the size of the finished sample before starting it though. It was my intention, that from now on, samples like these should all be roughly the same size, and quite small — no bigger than A5 — so I could eventually bind them up in a book. The book, I'll make myself, meaning the whole thing will count as a complete textile project.

But that's what happens when you watch T.V. while sewing, you don't think ahead, or consider the over all picture—just the one in front of you.


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  1. Looking at the close-ups is such a treat. I just love your work, Elizabeth.
    I agree, though, that if you want to turn your work into pages of a book, you have to decide on the size beforehand, OR it will be a very unique book!


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