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Monday 3 September 2012

A patchwork pincushion and needle book

This weekend I had a bad case of  back to school fever! With the new term of my quilting course about to begin, my old pincushion and needle book were looking decidedly past their use by date, and, in desperate need of replacement. So, out came the scrap bag, and before long, I had my first pincushion. Then, like rabbits, they started to multiply–or perhaps I just got a little carried away. My first effort was made using folded patchwork circles for the top half, the second, foundation pieced segments for the top half. But I'm happiest with the third (and simplest) pincushion because it features some of my favourite Japanese woven cloth that gives it a soothingly warm and tactile feel.

My new needle book is also made from scraps of Japanese fabrics. When the strips were first sewn together, the reverse looked amazing. So much so, that I was almost tempted to use the reverse as the visible side, but I resisted the urge and went with convention. Isn't it funny though, how the seams, construction and workings out can often be almost more enticing and interesting than the perfectly pressed and finished surface of a work that is presented to the eye? I also found a use for one of my growing stash of Dorset buttons (I am steadily filling a large, old-fashioned sweet jar with them: why–I have no idea!) by having it as the book's fastening.

I really enjoy making little items such as these and think they could make perfect Christmas gifts. I have plenty more pincushions and needle books in the pipeline, and maybe some will feature those lovely exposed seams.


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  1. Lovely makes ... you have been busy ... I really love the button on the needlecase ... Bee xx


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