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Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Meet the Wabbitys

One of the great things about blogging is that it allows you to create a record of all the things you make. So, while I still have boxes of makes stuffed in cupboards and under the bed, I can at least try to be more organised about how I file any photos or patterns for them on my computer. At least, that's the plan.

Stewie Wabbity

Big Buck and Baby Hopper

Lucky Wabbity
Hey Presto!

Last year, I got rather fond of making these little chaps, which I decided to call Wabbitys, partly in an ironic nod to my tendency to pronounce 'r's as 'w's (just my luck to marry someone with a prominent 'r' in his name!). In total, I made about a dozen of them over the Summer, but then, rabbits do have a habit of multiplying. Each has a special talent which is reflected in their name, eg, Presto, is brilliant at magic tricks, while Lucky is great at getting in and out of scrapes. At one point, I got so ridiculously obsessed with them that I even drew up a family tree for the Wabbitys!

You might think that I designed this pattern because I love cuddly toys, but that's not the case, and I didn't have a rabbit when young. No, this pattern evolved simply because as much as I love knitting, I utterly loathe sewing up the knitted pieces. So for me, the joy of my Wabbitys is, that from cast on to cast off, there is absolutely no sewing involved as they are entirely knitted in the round–even the ears. All of which reminds me of how my favourite animated characters used to knit, and explains why I grew up with a false impression of how quick and easy knitting should be.

Gromit knits 
No-sew cherries

I wish all knitting could be this easy, so far the only other things I've managed to knit without the need for sewing are some cupcakes and cherries, and I'm currently working on a pattern for a mouse (which is really just an upside down rabbit). Of course there are always socks, which I do make a lot of, and perhaps one day, I'll build up to a Fair isle jumper where no sewing is required at all!


PS: In a few weeks time (once work has calmed down) I'll upload a free Wabbity pattern so you can knit your own rabbit dynasty.


  1. I can't wait for the pattern Elizabeth - they are absolutely adorable and I too hate all the sewing up! Katy x

  2. So cute ... can't wait for the lovely pattern ... you are very clever ... Bee xx

  3. Have just found your blog Elizabeth and wanted to say how lovely it is. The Wabbitys look gorgeous and I too look forward to being able to try when the pattern is available. Many thanks for sharing.


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