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Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Socks appeal

Socks, you either love knitting them, or find turning a heel the most overrated skill on earth. I fall into the former camp, and in particular love knitting these little ankle socks, which make perfect stocking fillers and take only a few evenings to make. Knitting socks also feels like a cosy thing to do, and, perfectly in keeping with the time of year. 

As, I think I've mentioned before, this pattern from the Purl Bee is one of my default patterns although I never add the pom poms. Instead, I've started to add I-cord ties as the one drawback with these socks is that they quickly start to bag and lose their elasticity around the ankle. The result is that they are fine when you're sitting still–perhaps lying on the couch eating bonbons; as soon as you move though, you're left with just half a sock on your foot. (I have discovered however, that if I perform a reverse type of moonwalk, I can eventually roll the heel back onto my foot). I suppose I could get around the bagginess by combining my yarn with some elastic for the rib, or even start the rib with smaller needles–but I don't. Besides, I'm sure my reverse moonwalk is doing wonders for my calves.


PS: Why is it that my husband can felt a cashmere cardigan without actually meaning to but I can't intentionally felt a pair of ankle socks made with pure wool? I wrapped them in a bubble wrap bag (with a few glass marbles thrown in for extra turbulence) set the wash to 100 degrees, then the drier to 150 degrees but nothing happened–except possibly to the environment.

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  1. Great idea to add the I-cord ties! I made the pom-pom pads (no pom-pom) and they do grow at the ankle. Thanks for sharing!


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