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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

A calendar of cushions–February

Well, it's only February, and already my New Year resolution to make a cushion a month is falling behind schedule. Goodness knows what I'll have to show come July–I'll probably be passing off old pincushions as recent makes! Still, I have a few days left to finish this Log Cabin cushion, the top is almost done, I just need to add a small border. I had thought of teeny tiny HSTs for a border but am now inclined towards small bars made up of the red and pink linens.

Working with linens is a breeze if you use spray starch before cutting the fabric. It really helps stabilize fabric, and in the case of recycled shirts (the stripe and plain blue linen) means you don't have to worry about cutting on the bias and ending up with a wobbly strip.

Talking of recycled shirts, I'm using them as clothing for some new dolls I'm in the process of making. Although currently just a heap of heads and limbs I can already see these will have a more modern and urban feel than other dolls I've made. It strikes me as funny though that my doll's dresses will be made from my husband's old shirts (Patrick likes to joke that he always knew I'd have the shirt off his back). I wonder, does that make these dolls cross-dressing dollies, and if so, are they consequently the most socially inclusive, politically correct dollies ever?

Or, am I getting a little carried away with myself; after all they are just dolls!


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