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Monday, 17 June 2013

I think it's time I made a quilt…

I've got the quilting itch. Okay, maybe not for a conventional quilt, but still a quilt of sorts. I want it to feature: English paper pieced hexagons (my nod to tradition), kantha, drawn thread work, raw edges, hand tied elements, muslin and linen – lots of linen! I want as much of my quilt as possible to be made from existing textiles: pillow cases, napkins, nighties, monogrammed handkerchiefs, and anything else I can lay my mitts on. And I want it to be white, with only the teeniest flashes of colour (like the red telephone box against the snow in the above mood board). The moodboard is a collection of fragments from here and there: exhibits from last year's festival of quilts at the NEC, BooDilly's muslin patchwork–which I just love, some drawn thread work, a quire of deckle edged paper, snow, cracked ice, and a few bits of my own.

There, I've made my declaration, so I'd better make a start and put my words into action. As for the size, I haven't a clue, that's a detail for later, first I need to gather my materials.



  1. Oh yes, how lovely! Will be watching:-)

  2. Making a quilt grow step by step without a fixed plan is a very enjoyable quilt journey. I think it will look lovely with all the ingredients you have suggested.
    Have fun!

  3. This sounds beautiful already! Love the mosaic adn the colours. Blogging is helpful for commitment I find! We'll look forward to seeing how it progresses!


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