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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

My Bebe Dress…

is finished, and I love it, although photographing it was quite another matter. The contortions I threw myself into in order to get a decent, well lit, full length shot were painful and I'm just grateful no one was there to see them. While my attempts at padding out the bodice took forever, and were never quite even. So the above, rather flat close up, is all you get (the scarf is there merely to hide an inside view of the zip). I did, however, manage to take a photo of the bindings, but then they are smaller and easier to light.

Another Bebe dress is on the cards, next time, in a fabric that doesn't crease so easily. As dress patterns go, I'd say this one scores 9 out of 10. The instructions are clear and easy to follow, my only suggestion would be to add a couple of inches to the skirt, if you're taller than 5ft 4" and decide to leave off the ruffle/contrasting hem, which is what I chose to do. Fortunately, as someone who is vertically challenged, the length is just fine on me (there's a first!).



  1. The snippet looks great: I look forward to seeing the whole thing IRL.

  2. Looks lovely! I'd like to see the whole thing too!

  3. Very attractive. Also you're so QUICK! I do enjoy the stylish photos you take.


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