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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Rust dyeing…

I had high hopes for this, and I'm sure that one day, it will make a great addition to my quilt. First, I need to figure out a way of removing those dratted nails from the fabric without ripping it, or shredding my fingers in the process!



  1. Good luck with that! It's going to be beautiful though.

  2. You could hang these pieces of fabric as they are on a gallery wall and art critics would praise you to the skies. 'Beautiful cruel art' they might call it!
    I think it is a very interesting pattern you have created, so try to remove the nails (with gloves or a pinch) and a gentle twisting pull.
    Good luck, and I am looking forward to see the future use of this experiment.

  3. I love the nails in the work - keep them in

  4. This will be amazing when the nails are taken out.


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