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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Some like it hot…

Shadows on the wall at sunset
Pine trees on the beach
Cobbled streets,
 Wine dark sea
Mountainous backdrop
and bomb damaged walls

But I prefer sleeping between crisp, cool sheets, and hate the feel of greasy sun cream on my skin. Instead, I wear a big hat and dress like I'm in purdha then find a shady spot to sit in while Patrick roasts in the sun. Croatia was beautiful though, with a glorious coastline, stunning sunsets and a mountainous backdrop. Reminders of recent troubles (and perhaps WW2) speckle the buildings, and evidence of gunshots & bombing are plenty. The snorkeling is good, and the lizards are pretty little green things who boldly skit across the table while you're eating! For the first time ever, I got a half decent pic of a hawkmoth with his probiscis unfurled ready to sip nectar (I'm fascinated by these creatures but have only ever managed very blurred snaps before).

I was told beforehand the Croatian Riviera is like the Mediterranean used to be, which sounded a slightly elitist statement to me. But if what that really means is tranquil, good food (and lovely wine!), not too hedonistic and overly dominated by clubbers or stag/hen parties, then I'll take the old fashioned Mediterranean any day.

However as Frank Sinatra sings…
It's oh, so nice to go trav'ling
But it's so much nicer
Yes, it's so much nicer to come home

Especially when I found this on the mat–another little outing for my penny mats!



  1. Re hawkmoths, the kids found a giant elephant hawkmoth caterpillar recently - it was an extraordinary thing. Yay for your penny mats in Felt Matters! :-)

  2. Welcome home.
    A SUNNY holiday spent in the shade is always nice, but I can feel very tired by HEAT. In Tokyo it is still too hot for my liking...
    Congratulations on the Pennies going public! Well done!

  3. That looks and sounds like a blissful holiday, and a perfect opportunity to do a spot of knitting too :)
    Congratulations on your feature, how exciting for you!


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