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Wednesday, 9 October 2013


I like mudlarking, and collecting tumbled glass from the beach or bits of broken pottery–especially if it's blue and white. So, I was thinking of something to do with my treasures, rather than leave them in pots on window sills. A-ha! I thought, I know, I'll make them into felted stones! I'll embroider around them just as I did with the penny mats–I bet they'll look great. But they don't, they look creepy and weird.

One looks like a recently extracted mess of an eyeball, the other as I imagine Big Bird's might after a night on the sauce–or after a punch up. Much mirth has ensued around here, as we wedge the eyeballs behind our specs and take silly photos, none of which I'm willing to share!

Weird, whichever way
you look at them!

I haven't completely given up on this idea though, and with Halloween not too far away, who knows, maybe I'll make a few orange and black versions to hand out to trick or treaters? Afterwards, I'll take a more sensible approach: make them flatter–less eyeball shaped–with the bits of stone and glass off centre, then maybe they'd work as paperweights. What do you think?



  1. I can see what you mean - they look disconcertingly organic and as if something were about to burst out (alien pod?:-) But actually I think they are marvellous!

  2. I like them. I do see the eyeball thing now that you've pointed it out, but it wouldn't have been my first thought. Look forward to seeing more.

  3. I see your point, but I am not sure I would have if you hadn't told me YOUR view of them! The idea is great and maybe you are right, a bit flatter and the beach find placed off centre would remove that odd feeling...
    Anyway, the workmanship is great!

  4. They look really neat and make great eyeballs for Halloween.


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