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Monday, 14 October 2013

Gadgets and gizmos…

On the whole, I don't go for them. My sewing kit is really quite basic and I'm not exactly strict about using the right needle for the job–my sole criteria is that the eye is big enough to get the thread through it. However, I have fallen in love with the Chaco pen and really don't know how I managed for so long without one. It dispenses the finest of lines via a small metallic wheel, and beats conventional tailor's chalk by a mile. It's perfect for drawing round templates, or the sort of cardboard patterns supplied by Merchant & Mills.

Talking of which, I finally cut out the fabric for my Factory Dress so was keen to make a start on the sewing. My sewing machine had different ideas though, after a few splutters and choking sounds, it stubbornly stamped its little foot and refused to go on. So, I might have to use my 1960s Bernina for this project while I get the Janome fixed. I do love my Bernina but as it weighs roughly the same as a medium sized dog, (which entails bending at the knees each time it's picked up–or I risk doing serious damage to my back) the thought of lugging it out of the cupboard, and onto the table, doesn't have huge appeal.

I guess the Factory Dress will just have to wait and I'll do some hand sewing, or perhaps make a few more felty eyeballs, instead.


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  1. I have the larger marking wheel and it is great for marking around dress patterns. This might just be the MUST for quilting!
    I enjoyed looking at the Merchant & Mills; what a delightful website.
    Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!


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