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Monday, 18 November 2013

Felted pebbles

Posting has slowed down of late…perhaps I'm going into hibernation mode? It's not that I'm being idle– I'm furiously trying to finish a Winter jumper before the cold weather sets in good and proper, and I have a few Christmas gifts on the go. However, since I don't want to spoil any surprises by posting pics of Christmas presents, and I really don't think anyone would be interested in seeing this week's output of grey brioche rib (a bit too much like the blogging/knitting equivalent of watching paint dry), a few felted pebbles will have to suffice.

Although yellow is probably my least favourite colour (a tad overwhelming and bossy) I can't help but think of sunshine when I look at this pebble. Perhaps then, I should work with yellow more often as anything that has such a cheerful effect shouldn't be so readily dismissed.

In total, there are probably around 80 bullion (that's bullion, not billion) stitches on these pebbles. Somewhere around the 50th, I completely forgot how to do bullion stitch–my mind simply went blank–does that ever happen to you?



  1. Yes, my mind frequently goes blank after having repeated the same thing for a long time!! I, too, wonder why?
    Yellow is a sunny and uplifting colour, but can be a nightmare to photograph. Your camera has done a good job, as have you.
    Keep up the knitting and present making!


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