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Wednesday, 29 January 2014


For the first time, I'm linking up to Sharon at Pintangle, and her Work in Progress Wednesdays (although Work in Glacially Slow Progress would be more apt for my white quilt).

It's a great way to celebrate even the tiniest amount of progress, and can motivate us to pick up unfinished projects that have been languishing at the back of cupboards and bottom of sewing bags. I've decided to join in as it might help me inch along my white quilt, which is often pushed to one side, in favour of quicker fabric fixes.

However, this block has progressed somewhat since I last showed it; now 15 of the 24 squares in the grid have been worked. More of the rust dyed backing fabric has been revealed where I've snipped away some of the scrim, but I think I should be bolder and cut away even more–what do you think?

Sharon's blog includes some fantastic tutorials, while her dictionary of stitches is mind-bogglingly extensive–so well worth a visit!


PS: Apologies for the gloomy photographs, it's very grey outside!


  1. I love every square in this quilt and think the slow progress might be the reason for the great result. Often you just need time to let something develop.
    Looking forward to your post next week!

  2. Just beautiful - you couldn't rush something like this.

  3. Elizabeth Welcome to the WIP challenge. When you left your comment you did fine except telling people where to visit you.You need to copy and paste your link into to the comment on my blog and then people can see what you have done. I would hate you to go to all this effort and not have visits! I have found your link and shared it. I also wanted to say like the piece - very inspiring to read about over my morning coffee. I hope you get it done!

  4. Very pretty! I've not seen anything like it.

  5. Welcome to the party, Elizabeth! I've finished 3 projects that were bugging me via WIPW so far and have even started one totally new in order to keep on joining in!
    Looking forward to seeing your unique piece progress.
    Another Elizabeth=)

  6. Very interesting work, and I hope you will join WIPW now each (or almost each) week!

    1. Thanks for your comment. I love the blackwork on your blog–it's something I've been meaning to try for a while, hopefully WIP Wednesdays will encourage me to try new things!

  7. The stitching on your quilt is looking really neat! Looking forward to seeing it's progression.


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