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Wednesday, 5 February 2014

WIP Wednesday

Linking up with Sharon at Pintangle for WIP Wednesday. This may only be my second time linking up, but already I'm beginning to suspect this is a great motivator for progressing projects. I've already made more progress on this block in a week than I would usually achieve in two!

Procrastination does have its upside though since I much prefer to be in the middle of something rather than the beginning or end, and now that this block is finished, I'm forced to move onto the next. Bubbling away in my noodle is the thought that I should let the fabric take centre stage for a change. There will still be plenty of stitching but I think the texture should come from how I play with the fabric–that's the plan anyway!

I also need to lay everything out and see how the quilt is shaping up as a whole, rather than simply looking at it in fragments. I hope I like what I see!



  1. Elizabeth, that's just stunning!

  2. GREAT progress! WIPW works wonders, the most delicious carrot or the most painful whip!
    I love the mixture of straight lines and circles, as well as the rust that is peeping through.

  3. This is so gorgeous! Reading last weeks post about it told me a litlle bit more about it. If I'm correct your stitching on scrim on top of a rust dyed piece of fabric. Very interesting, I like rust dying! I'm looking forward to see more of this quilt.


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