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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Fabric and threads…

Did anyone go to the Knit & Stitch show at Olympia, if so, did you buy anything nice? To be honest, I didn't think it was the best of shows–it felt a little empty–as if not quite enough exhibitors had booked a stand. For once, I even struggled to find things I wanted to buy! Perhaps that's because the wealth of fabric goodness available online nowadays is so rich, it's easier to feed my fabric addiction by clicking a button. That certainly seems to be the case when all I want is a cotton print, and already know how the texture feels. Also, as I've been using vintage and recycled fabrics recently, I'm tending to rummage around antique shops and the like, rather than lust after the latest range of quilting fabric, which means I'm slightly out of step with what's currently popular. 

I couldn't resist these beautiful pieces of indigo dyed fabrics though, and some printed linens. I'm thinking that they might combine well in an EPP design, mixed in with some plain indigo, so it doesn't get too busy. The textures and weights of these fabrics are all slightly different so they might work best as a wall hanging, that way I can leave the papers in and keep the pattern nice and rigid.

I couldn't resist these Valdani variegated threads either. Valdani are my absolute favourite threads to sew with but I don't often stumble across them, so when I do, I buy them in bulk!

Hang on, did I say, I struggled to find things to buy? Well, that was clearly an overstatement as I'm delighted with my haul!


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  1. Even flying over and getting delayed by fog, we struggled to stay for three hours.


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