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Thursday, 13 March 2014

How do you photograph a quilt…

If I throw mine over a hanger, and photograph it in a sunny room, the colour is true, but you can't see the over all quilt. If I throw it on the bed, you can see more of the quilt, but the northerly light produces dull, greyish blue colour. I'm not even going to show the version where I hung the quilt up to the window–truly dire–a really weird silhouette/stained glass window effect!

I was hoping to have this post ready for yesterday, but was too engrossed in sewing, which I think is a fairly good excuse for not blogging. I'm hoping that by next Wednesday, I'll have filled in more of the gaps with extra bits of lace and ruffles. Who knows, I might even have attached the final two rows of squares and rectangles patchwork. Of course that will make the quilt top even bigger, and even more difficult to photograph!

Ho do you photograph your quilts?



  1. Sounds like you need to get outdoors and find a handy wall or fence Elizabeth!

  2. I think it's sometimes extraordinarily difficult! I can see enough to tell that it's very beautiful so I hope you can find somewhere with the perfect light for a sharp picture. Have you tried editing the colour balance in the bluey shots?

  3. I've had my OH hold a quilt up for me to photograph, and I've seen lots of pics where people have hung them on the line. I like the stained-glass effect of the light shining through quilts, but it's not the true likeness that you want.
    Teresa x


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