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Monday, 7 July 2014

Husband in a pinny…

I made an apron.

It took only a few hours to draft the pattern and make the actual apron, but that doesn't mean this was a quick make, since the idea has been at the back of my mind for several months. Because the apron had to be suitable for both of us, I went for a utilitarian, pared down look. The apron is made from medium weight denim, it has a concealed pocket, and straps that cross over at the back, and is completely devoid of any buttons or ties.

Here is Patrick modeling the finished result.

You can tell it's Patrick,
his arms are hairier than mine…

And he has a beard

When I wear the apron there is more of a cross over at the back, but it doesn't drown me, so I think the size is the right fit for both of us. Now Patrick has something he can wear when making bread (a weekend hobby) and I have something to protect my clothes from all the fluff and threads they constantly attract. 


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  1. A good design that will protect you from both fluff and flour. Enjoy using it!


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