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Monday, 27 October 2014


Although I've decided to take a more relaxed approach to blogging I didn't mean to leave such a long gap between posts. But then Autumn, season of sniffs and constant wheeziness, came along which meant I spent much of the month clutching a box of Kleenex. Add to that a string of deadlines, and nearly a month goes by without a post.

Despite the lack of posts, there has been plenty of stitching…

…including some eyelets on linen dyed with rose petals.

There's also been some knitting, and dressmaking, and even a bit of button making.

I'm hoping things will calm down soon, and normal service will resume.



  1. I think you have been extremely productive in spite of your Kleenex clutching. Haven't you also held the workshops at the K&S show? I bet it went well!
    You are talented in so many fields, the buttons are wonderful, as are the rose petal dyed eye lets (is that a pillow case?) and the neat rows of running stitches.

  2. Thanks for the catch up on all you've been doing! I have some dorset buttons waiting for me to start. Maybe I'll get to them soon.


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