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Monday, 5 December 2016

Stitch inspiration…

I can't remember where I first saw these images but as soon as I did, I thought, wouldn't they make a great bit of stitching? Both remind me of the sort of machine Willy Wonka would have in his factory, with cogs and wheels made from Whirly Pops & and brightly coloured Gobstoppers. I love how the aerial photography flattens the perspective and turns fairground rides and vehicles, beach umbrellas and sunbathers into what look like randomly scattered sweets.

My interpretation is monochrome rather than brightly coloured, but I'm still aiming for it to look like a plan for a piece of machinery that wouldn't look out of place in either Mr Wonka's factory, Professor Wolff's (of The Great Egg Race) laboratory, or a Heath Robinson sketch. Basically a visual contradiction of something that is both overly complicated and terribly simple at the same time.

I'm using three different weights of cream thread and have drawn some strands from the edge of the fabric to use in the piece. My stitches consist of buttonhole and blanket stitch and lots of needleweaving. I've also added a trio of Dorset buttons. I'll keep working on it until there is no distinction between fabric and stitch, or I run out of thread, whichever comes first.


PS: For some reason Blogger has changed the way it is used. It's supposed to be an improvement but I prefer the old interface.


  1. When I looked at the first photographI thought it was a child's toy model made out of painted macaroni wheels and pieces of Lego. An authentic aerial view!
    Your interpretations are great and yes, this 'machine' looks simple and complicated at the same time. By sticking to white thread on blue fabric you get the perfect blueprint look.
    Yes, Blogger has changed to something that might be easier for them to handle but giving the users a lot of trouble. My computer was so old the Blogger screen suddenly just stared, literally, blank at me. Blogger forced me to get a new computer. Are they in league with the computer companies?

    1. A blueprint—thank you, I hadn't even thought of that!
      My computer can handle blogger, it's my brain that's not up to speed. The new layout just isn't as user friendly as before.


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