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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A blue and white flimsy*…

Oh dear, look at all those creases! Still, at least I've finally managed to get my quilt top photographed. For several weeks blue and white quilt top has been folded away in my WIP bag, patiently waiting for its close up, and a sunny day. And what a difference having a garden fence makes to taking photographs of quilts! No more moving furniture out of rooms to create space for photography, no more traipsing over to the park and self-conscious snapping while I try to ignore the puzzled or curious looks of passers by. (Youths on bicycles and parents with ice-cream wielding toddlers have to be the worst). Instead, peg flimsy on the fence, snap snap, and I'm done. Just one of many unexpected reasons to appreciate having a much longed for garden.


* The name was new to me until I read it on Carin's blog but it perfectly describes this stage of quilt making. I think I may have to use it from now on, even if 'pegging flimsy on the fence' does sound as if I'm doing something cruel to a fellow human being.


  1. Ha, ha! First of all, the expression 'flimsy' is one I have learned from my American friend Tanya. You can see how she uses it here:
    Secondly, I fully agree with your struggles to take good pictures of a large quilt. You need something flat it can hang against, you don't want it to flutter in the wind or be smeared with Icecream by curious kids, you need good weather and soft light... Now you have got yourself a perfect photo spot. Congratulations!
    Thirdly, the quilt is just beautiful. There is a good selection of blue and white shades and the perfect amount of red to add pizzazz.
    How will you quilt it?

  2. Flimsy seems an ideal word to me, and your flimsy looks amazing. Did you follow a pattern?


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