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Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Back again…

Just as blogging seems to be going out of fashion in favour of more instantly gratifying instagram,* I've decided to give mine another go. I never meant to stay away for so long. But I've been writing another book, which has taken up most of my spare time (more of the book in another post). In the end, I decided not to blog and take the pressure off myself. Besides, as everything I made was for the book, I couldn't share it anyway. That's just not done!

Now that everything is with the publishers, I'm free to start making for fun and sharing again. There are so many things I want to do: pojagi, bookmaking and doll-making are top of my list. And I've really missed the comfort of plain old running stitch; so another quilt beckons.

I've made a start. A couple of rag dolls are underway. Two cuddly mice for some recently born twin nieces. And I've become obsessed with visible mending. This jumper was a favourite but full of holes. I needle felted contrasting colour into the worn areas then reinforced them with darning. I enjoyed the process so much, I added patches to the neckline and hem where there wasn't any damage to the jumper. I think it helps balance things out a bit; do you?


*Perhaps a better name would be instagrat?

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