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Monday, 13 January 2014

A little bit of stitchery

I do like to have a slow project on the go, something that seems to have no end in sight and changes as I work on it. Intentional slowness, and changing the brief as takes my fancy are the antithesis of daily life which is all about schedules, deadlines and delivering what was agreed. I'm certainly not complaining–I like structure–but sometimes it's nice just to meander through the stitches, and freestyle embroidery is the perfect opportunity for that!

A while back I posted pictures of this block for my white quilt–which is very much a slow project (almost glacially so). At the time, I thought it was virtually finished but then changed my mind and decided it needed more embellishment. So I added some fern-like shapes but used a finer, darker thread as I wanted them to look as if they are in the distance. I also added more French knots, some whipped wheels, a daisy, a few more bits of lace, then outlined everything with kantha. Now that every possible area of this block is covered, I guess I'll have to let it go, stop tinkering and say it is most definitely finished and move on to the next one. Something combining rust dyeing and drawn thread perhaps?



  1. It is absolutely beautiful Elizabeth. It looks so delicate and elegant. Fantastic work!
    I agree with you is nice to have a project without a deadline so you can take your time and enjoy the process.

  2. I would call intentional slowness, meditation, and here you have a real beautiful piece of thread meditation. I bet your mind was wandering along the paths of the stitches, got knotted in the French knots and circled the whipped wheels. The result is beautiful, Elizabeth.

  3. It really is lovely - I'm in awe:-) The texture must be amazing. I'm looking forward to your drawn thread work.

  4. It looks so lovely and the kantha stitching is very effective. I have yet to try kantha stitching.

  5. Wow! It's so beautiful and inspiring. I want to start something like this this year.

  6. this is absolutely amazing - the amount of work gone into it is evident, as is the love and care taken :-)

  7. Stunning! It is breath taking. Your white quilt will be so precious.


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