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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

A shawl…

I've been chained to my computer (not literally) for the last couple of weeks so there hasn't been much time for sewing. Instead of worrying about my lack of productivity, evenings have been spent mulling over crossword clues, while weekends have been devoted to enjoying the unseasonably warm weather and leisurely pub lunches, all of which makes me sound like a complete old duffer! I have made myself a shawl though. This is the pattern I followed, but as you can see, my version isn't as big–certainly nowhere near the predicted 5ft wingspan. Since I didn't deviate too much from the pattern, I can only assume this is because I used a different yarn to the one specified, that, or I'm the world's tightest knitter.

The difference between the pattern picture and my eventual shawl hasn't put me off knitting another. I've been firmly bitten by the shawl knitting bug and am compiling quite a list of future patterns to try, including:
Anteros shawl
Terra triangular shawl (although not in the Brooklyn tweed which I suspect might be a bit scratchy)
Romney kerchief (again, not in Brooklyn tweed)

Whatever my choice I'll steer clear of yarn with variegated colour next time. Although I adore this gorgeously soft and springy merino with its colour combination of blues, greys and browns, the mottling totally detracts from the pattern and texture. In fact, I'd wager, if you didn't know this shawl has a lace border, you'd completely miss it. Plain is the way forward, which suits me down to a tee.


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