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Tuesday 15 April 2014

As if by magic…

the top of my white quilt is complete. How did that happen? For what has felt like months, the end never seemed in sight, and each time I looked at it, another area called for more work and attention. But after finally filling all the gaps with oddments of lace, I added the borders, and hey presto, one quilt top!

In case it's not clear from the photos, the borders comprise monogramed trims, edges and hems from vintage bed linen and tablecloths, that have been spliced together to create new borders. When I back the quilt, I'll only go as far as the start of the lace, so it remains see through, thus creating what Patrick has termed a giant ravioli! My husband has a sublime talent for describing things just as he sees them, and quite often as they actually are, even if does mean bursting somebody else's balloon.

Wadding this quilt would be totally wrong: far too heavy, and the fleece would just poke through any bits of lace, so I'll use a layer of muslin in my sandwich instead. For the actual backing, I'd like something like a Liberty lawn, covered with tiny white polka dots or sprigs of daisies. So far this only seems to exist in my imagination as I can't find it in real shops, online shops, even ebay is coming up blank, which means this quilt will have to be put to one side until the right fabric (ahem) materialises.

Until then, I'll get on with an EPP project that's been bubbling away in my mind for some time now. I'm thinking of a rather 70s looking wall hanging made from indigo scraps, with metallic accents–groovy!



  1. Ravioli, eh? It's the most romantic ravioli I have ever seen! This quilt belongs on a bed with a brass bedstead and smelling of fragrant lavender...
    is this site any good for fabric:

  2. Well done, you. It looks fab.

  3. Such fine and delicate work!

  4. It is such a wonderful and beautiful quilt. I agree with Queeniepatch!

  5. stunning. I've never seen a quilt like this. very beautiful

  6. This is incredible! I would love to see a photo of the whole quilt. It looks breath taking. Grandma's handmade ravioli, with just butter and sage, eaten in her old fashioned kitchen.

  7. It's beautiful and I think backing it with Liberty will be so perfectly soft and plenty thin. Lacy ravioli:).


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