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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

WIP Wednesday: the White Quilt

I've been having fun, pleating, gathering, stitching, and pricking my thumbs in the process. Slowly, the over all look of this quilt is coming together in my mind's eye. The design will be simple, a band of hexagons, top and tailed with squares of varying sizes, surrounded by a reclaimed lace border. I'll add my own embroidery and pieces of fabric manipulation, eg, the above twisted pleats, but I also want to re-use bits from other textiles, such as the satin stitch embroidery in the above photo, as well as a monogram from an antique linen pillowcase in the photo below.

I was secretly trying to make my cluster of tiny Suffolk puffs resemble whelks and barnacles, so was thrilled, when without any prompting, Patrick said that's what they looked like (he earns serious brownie points for that!). This will eventually be one of the larger squares, but I want to finish it off with an outline of skinny strips of fabric, tightly packed together to suggest something like coral.

As you can see, my so-called 'White Quilt' isn't really white, a few colourful interlopers have made their way into the scheme. But I'm going to continue to call it the white quilt–the whitish-creamy-brownish quilt, doesn't have quite the same ring!


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  1. A hexagon quilt is a good show piece for all those bits and pieces with embroidery, shisha, lace and other 'difficult' fabric.
    As for the name, white comes in all sorts of shades; just put a suitable adjective in front. Snow white, oyster white, oatmeal white, candy floss white, icy white....
    Enjoy the brownies!


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