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Monday, 27 January 2014


A surge of Spring cleaning madness and general home titivation has overcome us. Sainsbury's bags for life no longer cut it as laundry bags, so I decided we needed something a little more stylish. Here's the front of our new laundry bag–it's going to be big, and will need to be sturdy, thankfully, it's coming together pretty quickly. Only a few hours of cutting and sewing, followed by a little bit of stretching and pinning, and the top was ready for quilting. Although small enough to quilt on the machine without need for bicycle clips to keep rolls of excess fabric a little more manageable, I'm going to quilt it by hand instead. Afterall, it's cold outside and hand quilting will keep my lap lovely and warm.

By the way, has anyone else joined in with the RSPB's great British garden birdwatch? As a would be twitcher, I love nothing more than looking out for feathered creatures (birds of prey are my favourite, but you don't get many of those in Southeast London). All week long, Blue tits, Long-tailed tits, Great tits, a Robin and a blackbird could be seen pecking at the feeders on the lavender bush outside my studio window. At the back of the flat, a Green Woodpecker visited on an almost daily basis, while Parakeets that nest in the neighbouring park are regularly sweeping past. But come the hour of the intended watch & record, not a bird was to be seen–not even a pigeon–typical!

I'm debating how to fill in my form: tell the truth, or 'embellish' it.


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  1. It is often easy to identify a quilter's house by the interior decorations and household goods, pot holders, tea cosy, laundry bags...
    Lovely pattern and the hand quilting will keep you lap warm.
    Pity about the birds!


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